Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving cards

My Etsy shop "The Reimagined Past" is full of greeting cards I make - I take vintage cards/postcards that I have collected, scan them (I do like my collection and don't want to sell it - yet, anyway!) and embellish them - primarily with glitter.
I do like older greeting cards. I do like actually getting one in the mail.  The glitter on these cards was magicial - as least to me as a kid.
My customers tell me that this is why they like my cards..(!!!) because they remind them of the "old days" when cards weren't as mass produced as they are now...that someone actually worked on the card.
I'm loading my page up with Thanksgiving cards...and will be posting lots of Christmas cards. Think a lot of Scottish Terriers. I have one.

So, please stop by