Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Snail Mail

I came across this wonderful blog "THIMBLE", and loved the post about snail mail - one of my interests.

I have a shop on Etsy called the REIMAGINED PAST, in which I sell greeting cards that have vintage images which I have embellished.
Great Scott - it's a dancing scottish terrier on this birthday card this is the most popular card that I sell!

To get a card or letter in the mail is something really special. You know that the sender put the effort into saying "hey, you're great...I'm going to take the time and show this person I care about them."

And to receive a letter in the post...when was the last time you were lucky enough to get something?????

this is a post from Thimble:

Snail Mail
Few things make me happier than sending snail mail. Below are some hand painted watercolour envelopes I sent out :-)

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