Friday, January 30, 2015

Do you remember how to use a pen/pencil? My handwriting sucks

I have read, with disbelief, that a number of elementary schools have ceased to teach cursive handwriting. WHAT???? I hope not to be too "old school" with this notion of teaching keyboarding instead of handwriting. Remember the Palmer Method?
The workbook makes me shudder, and obviously I think I failed the "Q" test. When my husband was being taught the Palmer Method in the 4th grade at a Catholic school, he wouldn't follow the lessons. When the nuns told him it shows weak character his response was that it shows strong character that he didn't write like all of the other kids. Yes - that's the man I married. And so I happened upon this article and thought, well at least it's good for something! Write a letter today - make someone feel special!

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