Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mille Baiseurs xoxoxo - postcards from the 1920's

I'm currently cleaning up an "antique" image for a birthday card I'm going to make for my Etsy Shop "The Reimagined Past."

It's a wonderful old french Birthday card.

 While looking on the internet to make sure "bonne fete" also means Happy Birthday in french, I sidetracked and found an interesting website, called "Mille Baiseurs" - referencing the note written on the Birthday card.

It literally translates as "a thousand kisses", but is a traditional way to sign a letter "Lots of love" or "XOXO" in French.

It also refers to a particular genre of postcard - French (usually) postcards from the 1920's, usually of a romantic nature, but they can also be found for a  variety of other occasions - New Year's, Christmas, Easter and "come hither" looks! Today they look (in my opinion) pretty kitschy, but they are fun!!

bleuet 827 (188x300) A Noyer 3953 pc paris 3286 (188x300)

 - first three photos were found on the Mille Baiseurs webpage -

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