Monday, August 27, 2012


My mother's mother and grandmother....

It's pretty fascinating to look at old photos - especially family photos.

A am adopted, but my adoptive family is THE one - if you know what I mean.

My mother was quite the historian. She had scrapbooks full of her youth - I use cards I found in those books  as my "reimagined" cards. I scan them and give the cards my interpretation of them. I can not bear to part with the original cards, so that's what's up with that!

She also documented family life - almost to the extreme.  She also took copious notes on the various trips that our family went on...and later the trips that she and my father took. My father worked for the airlines, so they were able to fly free almost anywhere in the world. Imagine all of the travel books she wrote...all illustrated by photos that my father took...

And so I look at her family scrapbooks with "new eyes."  I wonder why that is.

Maybe too much information here, but this is my scrapbook - digital. Just hope I fi a suitable way
to copy this. I'm still pretty bummed that I have so many pictures on floppy disks - it will get pretty expensive to transfer them to dvds. I like my mother, am a historian of sorts. My documentation is visual though.
These pictures are all that I have of you..

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