Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well, I'm getting ready to make a lot of Halloween cards, and I've come across quite a bit of "legend" and "lore" while doing my research. The images I've found online reveal a number of superstitions about the Halloween, and a quite a few of them are Irish in origin.

One that was new to me was the tradition of "looking for love in all the right places.." There were two things a young woman or man could do to determine who their future love would be.

The first involves an apple - which is full of symbolism and mythic associations. If a person  could peel and apple with out breaking the peel, then dropped it on the floor, their future husband/wife's initials would appear. Yikes! Better hope the dog doesn't eat the peel first.

The second involves a mirror. It is associated with Celtic "fire" celebrations which here is manifested in the Halloween bonfire. Those looking for love - yet again! - would snip some of their hair and place the clippings on the dying embers of the bonfire. That night they would dream of their future love.

I found this list of superstitions on a website : "You will have bad luck if these things happen to you, or you witness them on Halloween:
Three hoots of an owl
You see the new moon over your left shoulder
You hear a rooster crow at night
You put your shirt on inside-out
You get out of bed left foot first
You sing before breakfast (you'll cry before dinner)
You open an umbrella inside a building or house
You see a white cat

You will have good luck if these things happen to you, or you witness them on Halloween:

You sleep facing south
The top of your head has an itch
You pick up a piece of coal lying in your path
A robin flies into your house
You sneeze three times before breakfast
You put on a dress inside out
You dream of a white cat
You hear a cat sneeze

Death omens on Halloween:

Dreaming of birth is an omen of death.
If a bird flies into the window of a sick person, it means the person will die soon.
If a bird flies into your house, it means someone has died.
Hearing footsteps behind you and looking back.
If a clock that wasn't working suddenly chimes, a family member has died."

My advice on this list....make sure you have sweet dreams of a white cat who sneezes.

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