Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Mother Before Me

I once asked my mother to tell me about herself - I gave her the book "My Mother Before Me" (if I recall correctly) and asked her to fill in some of the "blanks."

This was in 1983, and I was in my early 30's (uh oh, I really didn't want you to know how old I am) and the stories she told me got tucked away somewhere in my memory.

She passed away in 2006, and I have been sorting through her things since then. It took me 4 years to be able to look through the scrapbooks she kept while in High School in Palo Alto, California and at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

I look at the pictures of she and her friends/boyfriends and think "who is this guy anyway? "

What really caught my eye were the beautiful greeting cards she received in the 1930's.  The colors, the textures, the shapes...I was struck by the number of cards that depicted Scottish Terriers..who doesn't love them, and oh, by the way, we've had 4 of them!

I decided to scan some of her cards and "reimagine" them...add my touch to the vintage cards, and sell them on etsy
Great Scott - it's a dancing scottish terrier on this birthday card

I've done a lot of research, been to quite a few flea markets to collect vintage cards, and along the way have gotten lost on the internet. So many fabulous places to explore in cyber world.

So, here it is. If anyone finds this blog, I'd have to say that's pretty amazing.

I'm going to try and tell stories in the blog. I'll be going off on a lot of tangents. I'm going to insert names of interesting websites...wherever whimsy leads me.

Hope to see you soon.

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